HALIENE Finds Peace In Letting Go On Debut Album, “HEAVENLY”

"The human heart is a vessel," HALIENE whispers in the opening moments of her debut album, HEAVENLY, "capable of holding deep oceans of cellular, celestial and spiritual memories."

It's a metaphor she knows better than anyone. 

For years, HALIENE has been a ubiquitous member of the melodic bass mafia, guiding millions of listeners through pour-your-heart-out anthems alongside the likes of Seven Lions, ILLENIUM, Adventure Club and Kill The Noise. Her lyrics are achingly honest and tenderly penned; her voice is soaring and strong. 

If you listen to EDM (and you, dear reader, obviously do), we can practically guarantee you've smiled, laughed or cried under the musical jurisdiction of HALIENE. It should come as no surprise that her first full-length solo effort will do the same.

Inspired by the concepts of human nature, fragility and impermanence, HEAVENLY is a 12-track work of poetry, weaving together elements of her trance and melodic bass roots with delicate acoustic meditations and stunning instrumental solos. 



Songs like "Reach Across the Sky" and "Metamorphosis" (with Markus Schulz) are hits in the making, pairing the best of HALIENE's signature lyrical vulnerability ("Do you follow me like satellites and pray that we collide? / I still wait for you") with emotive drops. 

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HALIENE Finds Peace In Letting Go On Debut Album, "HEAVENLY"

"I have a great love for poetry, and every word on this album has a purpose and meaning."

Then there are ballads like "Can't Be Gone," which somehow packs the punch of a big bass banger with a delicate arrangement of weeping violins and fluttering piano keys. "Million Miles" takes us to a field of flowers with an acoustic melody and a honeyed singsong tone, while "Butterfly" sentimentally ponders the processes of self-growth and personal discovery. 

"HEAVENLY is designed and written to lead the listener deeper inside themselves and to their true nature," HALIENE said in a statement. "I wanted to explore subjects lyrically that cause us all to question and wrestle with our deepest nature, like vulnerability, finding strength in fragility, grief, and loss, forgiveness, transformation, unconditional love, intuition, and connections that seem to transcend time and planes of existence."

Dynamic and cinematic, HEAVENLY is the type of whole-brain art that materializes when pen and synth pad unite under the same creative mind. Its vision is clear-cut like a diamond, made all the more visceral by these uniquely interacting layers of lyricism and sound design. In this stunning debut, HALIENE wears more than her heart on her sleeve. She bares her soul, and you'll find a piece of yourself reflected in it, too.

"Music takes us home," HALIENE prophesies on the album's titular outro. "At the end of the story, we will find the beginning again / And when the last note of the symphony gives way to silence, we find our voice in the echoes / The truth that music left behind."

Listen to HEAVENLY below and stream the album here.


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