Hawaii-Based Artist Desperado Orchestra Releases Incredible Visuals For “Outer Space”

Hawaii-based artist and singer-songwriter Desperado Orchestra is releasing the music video for his single “Outer Space,” one of the most acclaimed soulful funk songs we’ve come across. The ex-army member who took part in the Iraq war as an American soldier is now fully dedicated to music, and runs a music program and a studio with his wife. He loves to share the lessons he’s learned along his tough journey, as he was left with post-traumatic disorders once he returned to the US after the war was over. Music is what healed him, and his loyalty and dedication to his art have never failed him.  However, in “Outer Space,” it is the one love more powerful than music that he addresses, and that is the one he has received from his wife, the true reason of his survival and healing. The music video is wonderfully filled with playfulness and good vibes, displaying Desperado Orchestra having fun dancing and singing in one of his many spaceships. Incredible stuff!