Hear From The Team Behind Swedish House Mafia’s Most Epic Return Show

As Swedish House Mafia geared up for three massive reunion shows at Sweden’s Tele2 Arena in Stockholm, they knew the production — especially the sound — had to be on point. Not only were these highly-anticipated concerts a spectacle for music fans near and far, the sound brought by Britannia Row took Swedish House Mafia’s performances to the next level.

Behind the scenes, the production was managed by Mattie Evans and mixed at FOH by sound engineer Wayne ‘Rabbit’ Sargeant. The primary goal: for the team to “get fully involved in the design the system” with the very “best people on board.”

Britannia Row’s Josh Lloyd was the production’s sound system designer and Dave Compton managed the account. With 45,000 audience members filling into the massive arena each night, the job was huge — and they knew it.

Lloyd said: “Rabbit wanted to hear a lot sub everywhere, so I came up with the idea designing a centre flown sub cluster KS28s. To do this in a single zone meant it behaved as though it was coming from one source, and it worked really well for these events, ensuring that an even coverage was achieved throughout the venue.”

He continued: “When playing dance music this style, the system can be put under a lot stress, yet a recurring comment, especially from the band, is that everyone was really happy with the sound.”

Some the crew had worked together for over 20 years, while others were working together for the first time ever. The result was unforgettable.

Compton concluded: “If the audience, band and crew are happy, you know it’s a job well done, and I’m glad we achieved that.”

It’s important to remember — behind every outstanding performance, there’s an entire crew people working to achieve the show’s excellence. If you were able to catch Swedish House Mafia on their three night run in Stockholm, consider yourself one the lucky ones.

More details on the sound design here.

Swedish House Mafia – LIVE 2019 Tele2 Arena


Source: ET Now |  by Hannes Soderlund