HI-LO Returns to Drumcode With Anthemic Techno Track, “WANNA GO BANG”

HI-LO is back with "WANNA GO BANG," a thumping techno track out now on Drumcode Records.

Oliver Heldens turned to his longtime nom de plume when returning to Andrew Beyer's flagship label, which released HI-LO's Drumcode debut, "Hypnos," almost a year ago. The new song, which samples DJ Deeon's "2 B Free," is part of a two-track EP slated for release on October 7th.

Between its layered kicks, driving basslines and acid-inspired leads, "WANNA GO BANG" has all the hallmarks of a signature, peak-time HI-LO record. Heldens mutates Deeon's classic vocoded vocals and uses them as the track's centerpiece, lending to a menacing techno banger befit for Drumcode's illustrious discography.

Take a listen to "WANNA GO BANG" below.

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HI-LO Returns to Drumcode With Anthemic Techno Track, "WANNA GO BANG"

Oliver Heldens' techno alias stuns with a menacing banger befit for Drumcode's illustrious discography.

Heldens says his approach to Deeon's 2015 track engendered a "dark vibe" due to his move to manipulate its vocals.

"'WANNA GO BANG' is my take on Chicago legend DJ Deeon’s classic vocoder vocal sample (from his 1992 song “2 B Free") but it’s pitched down five semitones now which gives it such a dark vibe," Heldens said in a statement. "I’ve always wanted to make my own DJ weapon version of it since I heard Bjarki’s trippy version in 2015, and I’m really happy with how it turned out, it’s such a monster!"

You can stream "WANNA GO BANG" here.


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