HOAXED Unleashes Explosive Debut EP “No Signal”

A new bass duo has formed, and speakers everywhere should be afraid.

HOAXED is a fresh collaborative project between Patrick Ditzel of Cafe Disko and Eli Catania of VAANCE. While their previous solo works are a far cry from what has been released today, they realized they both share a love for all things bass, and thus, HOAXED was born. 

They are kicking the project off with an explosive debut EP titled NO SIGNAL. The four-track release is a behemoth of a record, erupting with ferocious sound design that doubles as an assault on the senses. HOAXED channel their expertise in creating future bass—boasting intricate, nuanced production techniques—and transfer the style into a controlled chaos of vicious wobbles and thunderous 808s. 

Both producers have a solid resume to build this new project off of. They pull in hundreds of thousands of monthly listeners and have signed tracks to some of the most prestigious labels in the electronic scene, including SonySeven LionsOphelia RecordsLowly, and more. As HOAXED, they are following suit in this regard, releasing their debut EP on UPLINK AUDIO, the flagship label of dubstep luminary DOWNLINK

You can stream NO SIGNAL across all platforms here.


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