Hood Politics Records Boldly Reinvents Iconic Bass Tracks for House Heads In New EP, “Dubstep Forever”

DJ Susan's Hood Politics Records is thinking outside the genre with their latest compilation, Dubstep Forever.

Contrary to what newcomers to the taste-making imprint may be led to think after reading that title, Hood Politics Records is more closely associated with smooth grooves than aggressive headbanging. However, they're now taking a trip to the dark side by outfitting some of the world's most popular dubstep tracks for the club dancefloor.

Hood Politics DUBSTEP FOREVER retro Album Art

Susan himself kickstarts the imaginative effort alongside Broken Future with a fresh spin on Zomboy's "Like a Bitch." The blistering basslines tear through the sonic spectrum with furious barks in this instant party-starter. Sherm and FLYNNINHO's take on Flux Pavilion and NGHTMRE's "Feel Your Love" follows in the same vein as the two effortlessly employ some of the original's boldest basslines into their remix, which bridges the worlds of bass music with tech house in seemingly effortless stride.

Rich DietZ also come through with a new twist on Keys N Krates' 2013 trap classic, "Dum Dee Dum." The duo shrewdly add a new dynamic to the track's vocals, manipulating the pitch and tone to engineer an infectious melody that is uniquely their own while still preserving the original's most timeless qualities.

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Hood Politics DUBSTEP FOREVER retro Album Art

Hood Politics Records Boldly Reinvents Iconic Bass Tracks for House Heads In New EP, "Dubstep Forever"

Your favorite headbang-worthy tracks are getting a house-inspired makeover.

The EP is rounded out with contributions from Nutty and Galo, each of whom impressively deliver a newfound melodic energy to their original selections from Skrillex and Adventure Club, respectively.

Bringing a fresh face to iconic works of art is never an easy task, but Hood Politics has done so in such a way that these tracks are well worth repeating.

"No matter where you stand, you can’t deny dubstep's impact in transforming EDM into the colossal giant it is today," Susan tells EDM.com. "Whether it be the golden years of 2010-2013 or the new wave Hybrid trap movement which spawned in 2016, the energy, the characters and the performances were unlike anything else at the time."

"For us, we really resonate with that energy and find ourselves tapping into those same frequencies with our music and performances today," he continued. "Taking it one step further, we decided, 'Why not combine the two genres, and see what happens?' Well the results are incredible and perfectly emulates our love and appreciation for this music. We don’t believe in sticking to one genre so why would we? Music is fun and producers should always be experimenting with unique takes on what's next! We hope this project inspires someone else to do the same!"


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