Hood Politics Ushers in Brighter Days and Longer Nights With “Hood Poli Summer Of Love” Compilation

As dance floors begin to beam back to life across the world, Hood Politics Records has returned with a fitting compilation for the occasion.

Staying true to their mission of highlighting the best in new tech- and G-house, Hood Poli Summer Of Love is a powerful prescription to sustain through the late nights.

"The beauty of this compilation is that we're really capitalizing on Hood Politics first-timers here, artists that we love, who have been on our radar that we wanna put on. I feel it's super important to capitalize on this contrast to make these releases amazing," label founder DJ Susan explained. "The amount of mind-blowingly amazing fresh talent out there is incredible. I want to be the label manager that really shows love and support to these artists whether it be their 20th release with 10,000 followers or their first release with 0"

Fab Massimo sets a discernible tone for the project, incorporating a thick saw bass and powerfully punchy drums to the footwork-inducing "Shuffle Waffle 21." The beats with bite continue uninterrupted throughout, escalating to a fever pitch on Nutty and Clark Key's innovative cover of J-Lo's iconic "Jenny From The Block," which DJ Susan said its producers "smashed." A nostalgic callback with the fresh vigor of quick-hitting basslines, Nutty and Clark offer up an instant dance-floor fire starter.

Artwork for the "Hood Poli Summer Of Love" compilation from Hood Politics Records.

Artwork for the "Hood Poli Summer Of Love" compilation from Hood Politics Records.

DJ Susan also dropped his own tune on the heels of his recent reggae-tinged Dim Mak debut, "Pull Up." The producer flexes an intricately percussive groove while once again ginning up deep-seeded, funky influences in his earworm of a contribution, "Flip." He actually created "Flip" as a follow-up to "Pull Up," releasing it via Hood Politics after some sample clearance roadblocks.

Meanwhile, Urboynol finds a similar extension of that creative wavelength and takes things a step further with bright and summery funk guitar riffs on the uplifting "Mosaic." That sun-kissed vibe wasn't a coincidence, DJ Susan said.

"We really wanted to step into summer with a bang and deliver a fun and captivating package of tunes for the fans that we just know are gonna pop off this summer," he explained. "We've been secretly plotting with these amazing artists for the last 6-8 months to deliver the stimulus package of the summer and we really couldn't be more proud of it. The world is healing and we wanted to provide the soundtrack for this moment. It's amazing to see so our family grow with so many amazing artists coming together for the first time."

The Hood Poli Summer Of Love compilation closes on a high note with the rallying vocals of "We R Riders" by DJ SUNŚET & Nando De CIma, bringing the high-energy project to its satisfying conclusion. Check out the full compilation below.


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