House Music Mainstays Moksi Unveil Explosive Sophomore Album, “Free Moksi”

Acclaimed house music duo Moksi have finally unveiled their first album in three years, Free Moksi.

One of Barong Family’s most celebrated names, the Dutch powerhouse tandem have taken the world of dance music by storm since 2015 with their vibrant and bass-heavy sound, while collaborating with the likes of Yellow Claw, DJ Snake Hardwell and many more.

Free Moksi harkens back to the U.K.-influenced, forward-thinking sound design heard in the duo's earlier works, but laces it with an array of new ideas, exciting collabs and contemporary sonics.

The simplistic yet chaotic “After the After” (with Dread MC) does a great job at introducing listeners to the immersive world of Free Moksi, which only gets more intense with tracks like “Shout Like” (with LexBlaze) and “Keeping It Real” (with Slushii). However, the album finds Moksi exploring their lighthearted side as well, like in “Praise The Day” and “You Can See The Light,” juxtaposing the madness with ethereal melodies and radio-ready arrangements. 

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House Music Mainstays Moksi Unveil Explosive Sophomore Album, "Free Moksi"

The acclaimed Dutch house music duo have returned with a vengeance.

Check out Free Moksi in full below.

"We approached the album differently this time around because we wanted to show the world what we could do," Moksi said in a press statement. "We wanted to make something richer and deeper than we ever made before, even if it meant being brutally honest with one another and throwing away a couple day's work. I think that's what we're most proud of: after five years, we still have this unstoppable drive to get down and dirty and to push ourselves and each other to the limit."

You can stream Free Moksi here.