Hurricane Dorian Is Seriously Washing Bricks of Cocaine Onto Florida Beaches

Hurricane Dorian is bringing more than doom and gloom to the east coast right now. It’s also causing bricks cocaine to wash up on beaches. More than one instance residents finding drugs on their beaches have been reported to police in the past few days.

According to KTNV in Las Vegas, a bag containing 15 bricks cocaine weighing a kilo each, washed ashore on Cocoa Beach in Florida on Friday. After that, about 15 miles south Cocoa Beach, another brick cocaine was found at Paradise Beach and Park in Melbourne, Florida on Tuesday.

“There is a possibility that more will come onshore,” Manny Hernandez, a spokesman for the Cocoa Beach Police Department, told Florida Today. “Especially now with these conditions. It could be coming from anywhere.”

Beachgoers are urged to alert police to any suspicious items they encounter. The possibility that more bricks have washed ashore and not been reported is also very real.