HVDES Revives Evanescence’s “Bring Me To Life” With Angsty Drum & Bass Remix: Listen

90's kids: grab some Capri Sun, dump it into your morning coffee, and get ready to time-travel back to 2003, when "Bring Me To Life" was soundtracking cry-ragers from NY to LA.

Bass music producer HVDES has tapped into Evanescence's generational rock anthem, flipping the gothic nu-metal tune into a wild drum & bass rendition. Tonal growls and neurofunk bass patches are at the heart of the remix, which uses frenetic drum programming to drive the arrangement home for a proper 2021 electronic makeover.

The remix also comes paired with an Ergo Proxy anime audiovisual, which, well, brings the remix to life with its cyberpunk vibes. 

Check out the clip below. You can download HVDES' "Bring Me to Life" remix here.

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HVDES Revives Evanescence's "Bring Me To Life" With Angsty Drum & Bass Remix: Listen

The remix comes paired with an Ergo Proxy anime audiovisual.

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