I. JORDAN announces debut album, ‘I AM JORDAN’ on Ninja Tune

I. JORDAN has announced their debut album, ‘I AM JORDAN’, on Ninja Tune. Check out the video for the first single,  ‘Real Hot n Naughty (feat. Felix Mufti)’, below.

Set for release on 10th May, the 12-track project is described as a celebration of “collective ecstasy as a mode of self-discovery” and trans joy, told through northern dance sounds like donk and hardstyle, alongside euphoric trance, house, and more.

Taking to social media to announce the long-awaited LP, Jordan shared: “This project has meant everything to me over the last two years, it’s enabled me to grow so much as an artist and been such an integral part of my transition. It’s my best work to date, and I cannot wait to share it with you all.”

The album’s lead single ‘Real Hot n Naughty’ landed earlier today (7th February), featuring vocals from Sex Education actor and performer Felix Mufti, who has danced for Jordan at Glastonbury and Homobloc. The pair performed the track together for the first time at the sold-out ‘I. JORDAN & Friends’ event at Corsica Studios last month, which featured a majority trans lineup including PlanningtorockRomySister ZoFAFF, and Tee. 

Sister Zo will also feature on the album track, ‘Butterlick’, while TAAHLIAH will feature on ‘The Countdown’.

“A large part of the reason why Felix and I instantly bonded is because of our queer working-class backgrounds, and our pride around that as well,” Jordan shared on the new single. “Our aim with this track is to make a real queer northern dance anthem. A lot of working-class, northern humour is ‘things are a bit shit, but whatever. We’ll take the piss.”

‘Real Hot n Naughty’ arrives alongside an official video in which Jordan, Felix and friends transform a local bingo hall into a party with the local townspeople, celebrating the importance of community. 

“Everyone is interconnected, and the idea of being an individual is a bit of a myth,” Jordan elaborated on the new single. “I wouldn’t be who I am without everyone else around me. My friends, especially friends who have supported me through all the transition stuff, my trans friends that I’ve relied on, Reddit groupchats – it’s all so important. In the trans community, none of us do this on our own.”

Their debut album follows a string of collaborative tracks with the likes of Fred again..Planningtorock and SHERELLE, as well as remix work with Fever RayRomy and Eliza Rose.

‘I AM JORDAN’ is out 10th May via Ninja Tune. Hear the lead single ‘Real Hot n Naughty’ below.