IKLECTIK launches crowdfunder for new ART LAB space following venue closure

London grassroots music and arts venue IKLECTIK is fundraising to support a new space following its forced closure and eviction due to planned property development.

The crew behind the Waterloo non-profit electronic music and contemporary arts space has launched a Crowdfunder campaign to raise money for ART LAB, an experimental creative hub to host workshops, residencies, educational programmes and other community endeavours, as well as live events. The team also wants the space to serve as a workspace, specialist library and bookstore, audio-visual equipment resource centre. 

IKLECTIK is crowdfunding to cover soundproofing and renovations of their next home, artist residencies and workshops, in addition to necessary costs like staffing, utilities, insurance and rent. The team also hopes to bring their live NOMADIK programme throughout London, the UK and abroad. The fundraising goal is £55,000 with nearly £7,000 donated so far. 

IKLECTIK's Old Paradise Yard venue closed on 20th January after being evicted alongside neighbouring small business as the land has been sought after for property development. The crew first went public with their uncertain future in July 2023 when they asked for help in contacting the London Mayor's Office to challenge plans that include what would be Lambeth's largest office block. Development plans were briefly paused in August, but by November the landlords, a health fund worth £1 billion, were refusing to renew leases for Old Paradise Yard tenants. 

At least two other grassroots London venues The Glory and Matchstick Piehouse have closed since December 2023 due to property development and landlord disputes. 

Earlier this month, Madison Square Garden Entertainment pulled plans to build a controversial Las Vegas-style 90-metre-high LED sphere in East London.

Support IKLECTIK's Crowdfunder campaign here.