ILLENIUM Confirms “From The Ashes” With Skylar Grey Is Due Next Month

Like a phoenix, ILLENIUM's long-coveted track, "From The Ashes," has found new life—and its release is within reach.

In the immediate aftermath of 2021's Grammy-nominated album, Fallen Embers, the "All That Really Matters" producer almost immediately revealed there were more forthcoming blockbuster collaborations on the horizon, including one in particular alongside Skylar Grey.

Teasing the track out on the initial stops of his subsequent tour, ILLENIUM's "From The Ashes" quickly became among the most hotly anticipated songs in his trove of unreleased music. Based on the previews, its easy to see why since Grey's and ILLENIUM's respective styles of songwriting seem particularly synergistic.

It's been nearly a year since that initial reveal, but alas, the wait is almost over. The track has once again popped up in ILLENIUM' live sets. And at a recent performance, he confirmed it's due out in September.

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ILLENIUM Confirms "From The Ashes" With Skylar Grey Is Due Next Month

Watch the Grammy-nominated artist drop the song during a recent performance, where he also confirmed its imminent release.

The release will mark Grey's second high-profile dance music collaboration of the summer after assisting deadmau5 on the eerie "My Heart Has Teeth" for Netflix's Resident Evil soundtrack.