informal. Curates Irresistible Summer Vibes With Debut EP, “informal. beach club”

LA-based producer and DJ informal. is redefining summery dance music with his mesmerizing melodies and infectious hooks.

Curating an authentic aesthetic inspired by Southern California, informal. is a name that should be on your radar. Following earlier 2022 singles such as “gone girl” and “favorite places,” the young dance music beatsmith has now unveiled his debut EP, informal. beach club.

“The overall aesthetic of the project was inspired by a vintage ‘beach club’ t-shirt my Grandma gifted me," explains informal. about his inspiration behind informal. beach club. "You know the type you would see for sale in a Hawaiian gift shop in the 80s? So I wanted to take that aesthetic and translate it into my work."

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Spanning six songs, the summery record is a holistic display of informal.’s genre-bending, sun-kissed style. While the producer has experienced success with official remixes for the likes of Covex, Charlotte Lawrence and CHIMES, informal. beach club helps cement him as a tastemaker within dance music thanks to its carefree sound.

The freshly released single “breathe (casual radio)” nicely introduces listeners into informal.’s auditory world before “gone girl” enchants them with help from L.A.-based singer-songwriter James Kaye, who delivers an infectious topline. “stay with me” and “favorite places” then continue the sonic journey with their warm synths, playful vocal samples and ethereal melodies.

“your life” marks the record’s hardest-hitting track, combining gritty sound design with brisk tech house drums. Finally, “& i’ll play it” impressively rounds off the EP with a downtempo combination of bright chords and organic percussion. Take a listen to the full record below.