Insomniac Begins Insomniac Cares Bahamas Relief and Sends Shiftpods to Bahamas

A few a weeks ago, the Bahamas faced a massive category 5 hurricane that caused major devastation throughout the whole island. Hurricane Dorian left thousands people in the Bahamas without any shelter, leaving them homeless and without security. Unfortunately, many people have also gone missing since the massive storm occurred and have still not been found yet.

In response to this tragedy, Insomniac has started the Insomniac Cares Bahamas Relief to raise money to help aid and provide resources to the Bahamian people. In addition to this, they have sent almost 1,000 Camp EDC Shiftpod2 Advanced Shelter Systems from previous EDC Las Vegas events. These Shiftpods will be providing housing for families who are currently in need shelter. Insomniac's logistics team has also traveled to the Bahamas to set up the Shiftpods and to teach families how to maintain them.

Fortunately, you can become a part this cause by donating to the Insomniac Cares Bahamas Relief. Any amount you can donate counts towards this amazing cause. You can click here to find out how. Your donations will go towards water purification devices, bedding, toiletries, and many more supplies.

You can watch the announcement video below.