Italian Drum & Bass Duo Jazzatron Release Ethereal Single “I Think It’s A Dream / SG”

Following up their 2018 release "Kombu / Obo" on Bachelors Of Science's CODE Recordings and fresh off releases on the Liquid Drops and Dreamers imprints, Italian drum & bass duo Jazzatron have returned with a stunning new double single, "I Think It's A Dream / SG."

Starting things off with a bang, "I Think It's A Dream" opens with an eerie and enticing ambient pad, before blindsiding the listener with a drop filled with a wild morphing bassline and shuffling drum breaks. The titular vocal sample drones on throughout, providing a dreamlike ambiance as the track rolls on.

On the flip side, "SG" (short for the Italian phrase "Senza Genio," or "without genius") is the antithesis of its meaning. A techy roller through and through, "SG" combines early rave-inspired vocal samples, a delightful arpeggio, and a deep, powerful sub bass. As the track builds, so does the energy, making it a perfect secret weapon for DJ sets.

 Jazzatron's latest offering simultaneously provides dancefloor bliss and a chilled-out atmosphere that's a wonderful choice for relaxation and casual listening. The duo have a decade of catchy and memorable drum & bass numbers under their belt, and "I Think It's A Dream / SG" adds to that repertoire in a delightful fashion.

"I Think It's A Dream / SG" is out now via CODE Recordings and can be found here.