Ja Rule Takes To Twitter Complaining for People To “Let The Fyre Sh*t Go”

Ja Rule is completely fed up with the “Fyre shit” that just won’t go away.

While Ja Rule’s notorious business partner Billy Mcfarland sits behind bars on fraudulent charges, the hip hop artist and entrepreneur is a free man. In November 2019, Ja Rule’s name was ficially dropped from the $100 million Fyre Festival lawsuit.

However, it seems people aren’t letting the Fyre fiasco go just yet… and Ja is down to his last straw.

He previously appeared on The Wendy Williams Show and was quoted: “If it had went f without a hitch, everybody would have said, ‘Oh, look at this great thing that they did.’ Not, ‘Ja Rule thought it, came to them with the great idea, and they funded it.’ … As soon as it blow up, ‘Look what Ja Rule did.’ How does that work?”

Ja continued: “Sometimes you get in bad situations and wrong partners, as we know, and you gotta reset and do it right with the right people.”

He released a song called — you guessed it — “Fyre” last month, explaining his point view. For your real entertainment.


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