JIALING announces new EP, ‘FREAKY HORNS’, on Clasico Records

JIALING is releasing a new EP, 'FREAKY HORNS', on Clasico Records next month. Listen to the title track below.

It's the Baltimore producer's debut EP for ELEANOR's Local Action sister label. Out 12th July, 'FREAKY HORNS' includes four new tracks hitting on Baltimore club, breaks, acid and electro, with influecnes from her hometown and New York. The second cut, 'ADDY', features Third Self, Honey B and Rose Kourts.

JIALING shared this brief statement alongside the EP on Bandcamp: "You gotta be having fun, otherwise what’s the point?"

JIALING first appeared on Clasico Records with 'Emergency' on February's 'Supercl​á​sico Vol. 1' compilation alongside Jossy Mitsu, WTCHCRFT and Martyn Bootyspoon. She also contributed to this month's Air Texture compilation 'IYKYK', with DJ Delish, Russell E.L. Butler and Bored Lord. JIALING's new 'Florida Fatality Breaks' remix of Seimei's 'Tokyo Funky Breaks' will be released tomorrow on Sorry Records.

In March, JIALING released her debut album '家 (ji​ā​)', featuring samples of her family, on Bandcamp.

Check out the 'FREAKY HORNS' EP on Bandcamp, and listen to the title track below.