Joe Stone Revives Janet Jackson Classic Into House Anthem, 'Nothing Else (When I Think Of You)'

One Holland’s most renowned DJ/producers Joe Stone returns with perhaps his most acclaimed single to date, ‘Nothing Else (When I Think Of You)’. Known and loved for his funky house sound, inspired by 90’s grooves, never too shy to incorporate samples from classic pop and R&B tunes, he’s taking his approach next level with this incredible new track. The groove is catchy and laidback, while strings take care an energy-filled drop, making this one those vocal house tunes that gonna raise the ro!

Leave it to Joe Stone to provide this uplifting tailor-made soundtrack. Building momentum with strong house rhythms and classic-sounding melody, the upbeat vibe is enhanced with world-famous vocal lines, taken from Janet Jackson’s 80’s hit ‘When I Think Of You’. Surely, the vocals’ sentiments have stood the test time, and are perfectly blended here with Joe Stone’s undeniable, and timeless production skills. In essence, this is a club tune, drenched in feelgood vibes, but with the potential turning into a worldwide pop gem. Better get ready, something special is about to make waves!

“There was a good vocal sample sitting in my head for a while and it was from Janet Jackson. Also, I wanted to go back to the roots again with the M1 Organ bass sound which I have abandoned for a few years. I think it came together really well in this track.” Joe Stone

Joe Stone – Nothing Else (When I Think Of You)