Josh Stanley Drops Super Catchy Dance Pop Anthem, 'Rich Boy'

We all know that stereotypical sleezeball who flashes his cash in the VIP area trying to impress girls, buying bottles on bottles and trying to get everyone drunk, well that is the inspiration for rising songwriter Josh Stanley latest summer release, ‘Rich Boy’.

Josh fed up with this same situation every weekend wanted to make an anthem for those who are also tired this eat, sleep, hangover repeat pattern.

Josh comments on the production process:

‘I used to enjoy going out to clubs with my friends but nowadays all I see is the same people doing exactly the same thing. It just feels like they only live for the weekends spending their money on hangovers. I wanted to make a record that showcased what I experienced and hope to bring awareness to those who are sucked into
that lifestyle, that there is more to life than bankrolling a nightclub with ones salary.’

Check out that recording progress here!

What can you expect with ‘Rich Boy’? Enjoy smooth pop and R&B songwriting, catchy melodic hooks and dance inspiring bass line groove. Josh has been making real moves in the electronic and pop scene so we are excited to continue bringing you updates on his rise.