JOYRYDE Surprises Fans with Highly Anticipated New Single [MUST LISTEN]

JOYRYDE just hit us with his latest single, “Selecta 19,” destined to burn up dance floors everywhere!

“Selecta 19” cuts right to the chase, setting the cruise control at 132 BPM with unrelenting, powerhouse bass. The master producer expertly builds anticipation and flow before allowing the track to drop into a true bass house anthem, tricked out with his signature sound.

With vocals on point and the low end on lock, the rhythm takes over as JOYRYDE sports his bouncy side. The overall result heard here is undeniable and commands whatever crowd it may encounter to go crazy.

JOYRYDE says this release marks “a day I’ve waited for.”

He opens up about the new production in a social media post — “Around the ‘seriousness’ making an album I wanted to make a no ego, fun jump up good vibe track. I hope I came close.” The new single accomplishes that and so much more.

Enjoy right here and don’t forget to bump this in the car at the earliest opportunity!