Jubël Taps Tiësto for Vibrant Remix of "Dancing In The Moonlight"

Although Jubël's "Dancing In The Moonlight" originally dropped two years ago, Warner Records made an unpredictable call to rerelease the global hit this summer. Now that the tune has had even more time to circulate throughout the world and reach even more listeners, they've enlisted Tiësto for a stellar remix that breathes new life into the track.

Once again, Tiësto has cooked up a memorable remix that stays true to the original all while elevating it into something brand new. The Dutch dance legend injected his usual upbeat energy to transform the tune from a chilled out, late-night drive heater into a festival-ready smash. NEIMY's smooth vocals remain untouched, helping curate an inviting and familiar atmosphere that fans of the original will certainly fawn over.

Stream Tiësto's remix of Jubël's "Dancing In The Moonlight" featuring NEIMY below.


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