Just A Gent Flips Michael Jackson’s "Thriller" Into Ferocious Trap Anthem

With Halloween on the horizon, EDM fans are about to dive into a buffet of massive, spooky music from producers all over the world. It's a time when artists reach into the shadowy depths of their sound banks to come up with the darkest and most heavy-hitting tracks to commemorate the spooky season.

Enter Just A Gent, the prodigious electronic music producer who has just released a monster flip of the late Michael Jackson's legendary "Thriller." There is perhaps no bass music producer more fitting to remix a song of this magnitude due to the Australian wunderkind's ability to create hypnotic yet punishing sound design.

Just A Gent's approach here is shrewd, as he opts for a brooding intro that uses the frightful foley of Jackson's original track, such as creaking doors and footsteps on wooden planks. Instead of jumping right into the verse, however, he brings in the iconic synths of the chorus from "Thriller" before uncorking a nasty, throaty trap drop that growls with the ferocity of Getter or Kill The Noise. From there, he goes on to deliver a thumping, disco-inspired electro house bomb that pays homage to the original with flying colors.

Check out Just A Gent's scintillating "Thriller" flip below.


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