Kanika’s “Lucky” — A Soulful Ode To Multiculturalism And Artistic Freedom

kanika lucky

Kanika stands out as a beacon of multicultural artistry, with her latest release “Lucky” weaving a tapestry of Western pop and Indian folk. Having grown up in the heart of Belgium, exposed to a plethora of musical genres, her sound is a reflection of her diverse influences, a harmonious blend of East and West.

With “Lucky,” she returns to her roots, embracing the moody, slow synth vibes that have always resonated with her soul. This departure from her typical upbeat style is a deliberate choice, a journey back to her musical origins that allows her to delve deeper into her artistic expression. The single serves as a window into Kanika’s world, revealing a side of her that is raw, vulnerable, and profoundly connected to her heritage.

The collaboration with Anurvi Mehra on the lyrics has been a journey of mutual exploration and creative synergy. Together, they’ve crafted a narrative that encapsulates the nuances of romantic longing and playful sensuality, transcending geographical boundaries and language barriers. 

With this release, Kanika also takes a bold step towards embracing her cultural identity, shedding the constraints of societal expectations and embracing her unique story. “Lucky” is a declaration of self-acceptance, a celebration of diversity, and a promise of more authentic, heartfelt music to come. Her journey is a source of inspiration for many, showcasing that the confluence of cultures can indeed create a musical experience that is truly magical.

Watch the official visual below:

Listen to “Lucky” here: