Kaskade Makes Monstercat Debut, In-Game Rocket League Track "Flip Reset" With WILL K

Despite his tenured status, Kaskade continues to resist any impulse to put his career on cruise control. In a move few could have seen coming, the producer has decided to shake things up by teaming up with Monstercat and Rocket League to usher in a new chapter of music and gaming. 

The collaboration marks a series of "firsts." It represents Kaskade's debut on the Monstercat imprint and has paved the way for Rocket League Season 2, the game's first music-themed season. Fans caught a brief glimpse of what was on the way with Kaskade's video teaser earlier this week, but now the producer's debut Monstercat single "Flip Reset" is out in full.

The collaboration with WILL K accelerates confidently with the tail winds of an untouchable vocal before flowing into a descending chorus of detuned plucks and thick sub bass. Despite being one of Kaskade's bassiest tracks in recent times, the producer makes it feel like a routine change in gears. "As a kid who grew up on a steady diet of arcades and video games, it’s only right that I finally get to team up with Monstercat and Rocket League," Kaskade said. "Being able to create music (and get my own in-game items) exclusively for this season has stoked the kid in me that has always considered video games the ultimate threshold for cool."

Rocket League and Monstercat's three-year partnership has resulted in over 90 songs being featured in-game. That number is sure to grow significantly with music taking center-stage as this season's theme. For starters, Kaskade is set to release a full EP with Monstercat as part of the collaboration, though a release date for that project has not yet been revealed. 


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