Kayzo Fosters the Next Evolution of Electronic-Rock Music With Third Album, “New Breed”

The release of NEW BREED marks the decisive beginning of a new chapter for Kayzo, one of the biggest electronic dance music producer success stories of the 2010s.

With his latest album, Kayzo explores the intersection of rock and electronic music more thoroughly—more thoughtfully—than ever before. 

Longtime fans will fondly remember records such as his remix of "Last Resort" alongside Papa Roach as breakthrough moments in his meteoric career. But while such tracks combining dubstep production with rock sonics were fresh at the time, a new spark was needed to illuminate this creative pathway ahead.

And with NEW BREED, Kayzo handily delivers. If there's one central accomplishment Kayzo can claim on the album, it's blending the many diverse rock influences with biting electronic production to create a cohesive experience.



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KAYZO at Circuit Grounds Stage at EDC Vegas 2022-brphotoco-02

Kayzo Fosters the Next Evolution of Electronic-Rock Music With Third Album, "New Breed"

"New Breed" sees Kayzo exploring a creative intersection he helped pave more thoughtfully than ever.

Listeners got a taste of this with his recent single "POSER" (with conner) a pop-punk-inspired anthem wherein the electronic influence feels strategically augmentative, oftentimes subtle and overall seamlessly engrained in the DNA of the production. Kayzo's creative approach here continues with "BOTTLE OF RAIN," a gloomy rock offering with a lo-fi flare; and the energizing "WASTE AWAY," with yearning vocals from Kala.

For fans of Kayzo's earlier works, he's by no means forgotten how to blow the doors off. The album's titular track is a rollercoaster ride traversing multiple bass music genres before ending with a stampeding mix of hardstyle and dubstep at its coda. Meanwhile, PhaseOne and Aaron Pauley join Kayzo for "MEET YOU IN THE SOUND," taking no prisoners in a cathartic melodic dubstep concoction.

For a risk-taking blend of Kayzo old and new, "LOVE ME HATE ME" finds a seemingly perfect balance. The track additionally stands as a highlight since he's joined by long-time partner CRAY in what marks their first collaborative offering together.

Listen to Kayzo's NEW BREED in its entirety below and stream the album here.


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