KDrew and Kayrae Reunite on Scintillating Collaboration, “Breakdown”

After the success of their melancholic collaboration "Enough," KDrew and Kayrae have joined forces once again for a new single called "Breakdown."

These two are a proven powerhouse duo and "Breakdown" is yet another notch in the belt. Captivating listeners with a similar feel from their last song, they've proven their signature sounds blend effortlessly within an array of electronic elements. Though the tune is distinctly different than its predecessor, it captures the same anthemic sound that audiences will be craving to hear live. 

Right from the get-go, "Breakdown" is a rollercoaster of emotive lyricism and sublime sound design. Kayrae's stentorian vocals effortlessly blend with the thumping drums that dominate the verses, allowing the LA-based singer-songwriter to take over in the moments leading up to the destructive drop. The second half of the track relentlessly kicks up the tempo before culminating in a riveting drum & bass coda.

You can check out "Breakdown" below and stream the track on your go-to platform here. 

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3D concept designer Fei Hu, also known as Emptism, cooked up another round of stunning artwork this time around. Straying from the cooler palette used for their previous single, the warmer tones help convey a more intense overall feel that expertly matches the tone of "Breakdown."

Check out the artwork below. 

KDrew and Kayrae "Breakdown"

Artwork for KDrew and Kayrae's new song "Breakdown."


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