Kelland Curates Irresistible Dance Energy On Debut EP, “THINGS CHANGED”

Bringing together a diverse set of collaborators, Kelland has released his debut EP, the dazzling THINGS CHANGED.

Telling a striking story of a relationship’s ups and downs, THINGS CHANGED is a stunning showcase of Kelland’s potential as an artist and curator.

The EP had started to pick up steam long before its official release on streaming platforms, thanks to Kelland’s singles that preceded it. “You Know” (with Avry and Beach Season) is a pensive and emotive dance record, while “Lovesick” (with Sara Diamond) is a catchy house-pop tune.

Freshly released singles “Thank You” (with Elijah Blond) and “Divine Timing” (with Dallas) are fine additions to the tracklist as well, completing a debut project that positions Kelland as an exciting name to watch. Take a listen to THINGS CHANGED below.

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"THINGS CHANGED starts with songs like ‘Lullaby’ and ‘Lovesick’ that describe the high points and honeymoon phases of a relationship. To when THINGS CHANGE and a break up can occur,” explains Kelland in a press statement.

“’Thank You’ is the sad break up song that encapsulates the words ‘thank you for showing me what I’m truly worth.' ‘RIP To Us’ describes how one can become empowered by the break up and the lessons learned from the relationship and the experiences you endured. The final songs showcase how it’s okay to be alone, making room for those ‘Divine Timing’ moments in life where everything seems to fall into place. The EP concludes with ‘You Know’ that tells the story and quotes ‘you know we’ve been here before’ in which the whole process and EP can restart over again. With every door that closes, another door opens.”

Hailing from Canada, Kelland is gearing up for an exciting final leg of 2022. He has extensively toured around Canada over the past months, performing at festivals and events such as Chasing Summer Music Festival, Hope Music Festival, Monstercat Compound and Badlands.

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