Kilamanzego Taps Whereisalex, Capshun, More for Eclectic “Anxiety” Remix Package

To wrap up 2020, Philadelphia-based producer Kilamanzego released her song "Anxiety," a tune inspired by the brutal uncertainty of the global pandemic. Only a few months later, she's now tapped Torr, Capshun, Cumulus Frisbee, RamonPang, and Whereisalex to remix the single. 

Kilamanzego elaborated on the inspiration for "Anxiety" in a statement, noting that it derived from "feeling mentally all over the place with the frenzied state of the pandemic" and that she "just wanted to scream and let it all out through song." The track expertly conveys this message, approaching listeners unpredictably through various sonic elements. 

Each of the artists enlisted to provide a remix of the single add their signature touch, creating a diverse array of aural perspectives to sift through. Torr has one of the most distinct reworks of the lot, as the artist wrote new lyrics and included his own vocals while also working in his instantly recognizable, pop-infused sound design. 

Another standout cut is RamonPang's take on "Anxiety." "With RamonPang, it's as if he's painting a million different melodic ideas in his mind and only the most renowned collector of high art can decode his sense of experimentation, so I chose him to remix the song because I felt he'd come closest to providing true anxiety through sound," Kilamanzego said. His one-of-a-kind take does just that, scorching listeners with a flurry of untraceable melodies. 

Listen to the "Anxiety" remixes below.