Kiss Nuka announces new EP, ‘Witches Brew’, shares title track: Listen

Kiss Nuka has announced a new EP, ‘Witches Brew’, and shared the title track. Listen to it below.

Marking the Indian artist, producer and activist’s debut on Jamz Supernova’s Future Bounce label, the four-track EP will be released on 5th July. 

“Witches Brew is my electro-pop experiment," Kiss Nuka said about the single. "The lyrics came first and laid the groundwork for how I approached the production and composition thematically, keeping a sense of playfulness in the arrangement. I focused on the vocals as the main element that drives the track, pitching them up and down, reversing them, using them as pads, and chopping them up rhythmically."

Writing about the EP on social media, she continued: "Witches Brew is a dedication to the strength and magic of women, full of light and expansion, yet holding the power to bring darkness when provoked. Here’s to the casting of spells, the celebration of the wild women, and the sharing of their wisdom."

Revisit Tara Joshi’s 2023 interview with Kiss Nuka here and listen to 'Witches Brew' below.