Krewella Teases New Single from Upcoming Album In Ad Spot

Krewella’s new album, zer0, is expected early next year, January 31. The sister duo has already released the first single, “Good On You,” earlier this month. Now, they’re set to drop the next single, “Greenlights,” and they’re giving a taste it as part an promotional spot with health brand Orangetheory.

Orangetheory Fitness’ “Welcome to More Life” campaign includes three spots that will begin airing nationally today, Dec. 30, 2019, and run through the first quarter 2020, as part an integrated multi-channel approach across broadcast, digital, and social media. Released just in time for the popular New Year’s fitness resolutions, the campaign visually showcases the unique, science-backed benefits Orangetheory and how it’s not just about being physically fit, it’s about experiencing a better way living. When one has more energy, more confidence, more strength, and more courage, they live more boldly. They have more fun. They laugh more. They experience all there is to experience. And that’s More Life.

“We were so inspired to write a song that exhibited the meaning ‘more life’ because we’re constantly searching for different ways to tear down our own insecurities, barriers, or whatever else gets in the way us growing as people,” said Krewella. “Movement is so important to us whether on stage or in any other aspect life and giving others a reason to push further through our music is a dream for us.”

“This is our biggest, boldest work yet,” said Kevin Keith, Chief Brand Officer at Orangetheory Fitness. “Welcome to More Life, made complete with Krewella’s motivational ‘Greenlights,’ inspires people to imagine what’s possible for their lives. It’s about welcoming everyone to a new way healthy living, through a supportive community that helps ease the intimidation starting a new fitness journey. 2020 is going to be a great year for us and we couldn’t think a better way to kick it f than with this campaign.”

Check out the teaser below. o pre-order Krewella’s new album, zer0, featuring their upcoming single, “Greenlights,” go here.