Kumarion Digs Deep Into Unearthly Sound Design With New EP

Kumarion forward-thinking approach to drum & bass music has been particularly resonant with fans. However, the ascendant DJ and producer's new EP, Resonate / Shaman, takes a step outside the box to explore the weird and wonky.

The two-track effort sees Kumarion incorporating a subtle dose of Eastern influences through ambient soundscapes and instrumentation. On "Resonate," however, the tides of this enchanting introduction quickly part to make room for a grinding, distorted bassline that doesn't hold back. He then slow-walks listeners straight to the belly of the beast, firing away with full-throated vowel bass amid a barrage of unearthly sounds.  

The searing sound design continues on "Shaman," a banger that's equally no-holds-barred in its approach. The track's hallmark is its wobbly bassline. As with the vocaloid basses in the preceding track, this central synth patch brings a strangely nostalgic feeling to this genre-bending release that's sure to tickle the senses of old school bass music aficionados. 

Listen to Kumarion's Wakaan debut, Resonate / Shaman, below and stream the EP here.

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Kumarion Digs Deep Into Unearthly Sound Design With New EP: Listen

Kumarion makes his Wakaan debut with another memorable release.


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