Kygo Drops Emotive New Single “Gone Are The Days”: Listen

Kygo has dropped his first single of the year, an emotive new track titled "Gone Are The Days" featuring British singer-songwriter James Gillespie. The release comes as a two-for-one and features a beautiful piano version along with the original. 

The reflective single is heartbreaking but relatable for those who've loved and lost. Gillespie's soulful and vulnerable vocal performance is impactful and beautifully supported by Kygo's signature production of lush piano chords, soaring pads, and aching strings. Listen to the track below.

Kygo recently performed one of the most awe-inspiring sets of his career earlier this year. The performance was streamed via Moment House and was filmed in the beautiful Sunnmore Alps in his home country of Norway.

You can stream "Gone Are The Days" across all platforms here.