Kygo Drops Surprise Album, “Thrill Of The Chase”

"Why not?" is something we say when asked if we want another beer, or deciding to add guac to a burrito. For Kygo, it was dropping a full-length album.

The dance music superstar has surprise-released a brand new LP, Thrill Of The Chase. The album, which he hadn't even announced prior to today, is his first since 2020's scintillating Golden Hour.

Kygo said a few of the songs on Thrill Of The Chase are "different from anything" he's ever created in the past. That sentiment is most perceptible in "All For Love," a cinematic banger which dumps his lush sound like sour milk in favor of a darker aesthetic. The same can be said of "Gone Are The Days," an aching ballad featuring a wistful James Gillespie.

Kygo's ride-or-dies will find solace in "Love Me Now" (with Zoe Wees), a signature record from the tropical house pioneer. Elsewhere, he delves into synthpop territory with the uplifting "Lonely Together," a cathartic breakup anthem featuring Norwegian compatriot Dagny.

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Kygo Drops Surprise Album, "Thrill Of The Chase"

Kygo said a few of the album's songs are "different from anything I've ever made in the past."

"Thrill Of The Chase is a collection of songs I worked on over the last two years that started during Covid and ended with sessions in Los Angeles," Kygo said in a statement shared with "I've had the chance to play or tease the unreleased music throughout the year at shows and the feedback was unbelievable. A few of the songs on Thrill Of The Chase are different from anything I've ever made in the past and I'm really excited for everyone to finally hear the album in its entirety."

You can stream Thrill Of The Chase here.

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