Leandro Cury ’s “Estrela” Shines Bright Gleaming Through The Shadows

leandro cury

Leandro Cury ’s new single “Estrela” is a poetic testament to an evolution of emotions. It encapsulates a journey, not of transitioning between states, but of immersing into the radiant warmth of love. In this space, where affection unfolds, darkness dissipates, and shadows become an ancient memory. We are caught in the mesmerizing dance of two souls, where everything else fades into insignificance. 

Curys music is a mosaic of emotional landscapes, each piece shaped and colored by iconic artists who have accompanied him through life’s tumultuous waters. They are not just influences; they are companions, teaching the language of the soul and showcasing music as a sanctuary, a refuge, and a healer. 

In the intimate spaces carved out by notes and lyrics of “Estrela,” we witness Cury’s perception of love unfurl. From a soul once ensnared in the belief of external completion, we see the birth of a realization – love is an inside job. It’s a revelation that has not only evolved his art but has also stirred a reciprocal dance of open hearts between the artist and his audience. 

“Estrela” narrates a tale that resonates with many. Although infused with rock roots, the song pays subtle homage to a blend of Latin, American, and English influences. Looking forward, Leandro Cury’s  upcoming EP, Counting Constellations, is anticipated to be an extension of the raw, emotional tapestry initiated by this new single. 

Listen to “Estrela” here: