Lights Opens Up About Touring with Deadmau5 & Reveals Her Dream Collaborator: REZZ

Lights is heading out on tour with deadmau5 and we can’t think a better support act to accompany him. In a recent interview, she opened up about the upcoming cube v3 tour, her remix set, the digital age music and her dream collaborator.

Here’s what the Canadian singer-songwriter had to say about her remix set:

“My friend Myth and I built entirely new versions a handful my songs plus wicked instrumentals, a mixture glitchy tropical and future bass style. I’ll be doing live vocals and playing guitar as well, should be pretty epic.”

And more on her NYE show:

“For my set, people can expect 30 minutes bangers, instrumentals and wicked visuals with some live elements.”

On her music and songwriting:

“I am inspired by hearing good melodies and lyrics that flow and don’t feel like they try too hard. Mostly though I am inspired by interesting production ideas if I hear a bass sound or synth sound or guitar tone that just sits so right I go home and try to replicate it.”

About being an artist in the digital age:

“I do think now more than ever there is cross-over in every genre and we are seeing live instruments at EDM shows and electronic elements in rock shows. It’s a good time to be an artist any kind that reason, there are really no rules.”

As for her dream collaborator:

“I am still waiting for REZZ to send me a track.”

In addition, Lights defined the word success as “making a living making art.”

deadmau5 – “Drama Free” ft. Lights

Source: Digital Journal