Listen to Diplo’s First Full-Length Ambient Album "MMXX"

Add a full ambient album release to Diplo's year of many "firsts."

Despite a turbulent year by all accounts, seemingly nothing has slowed Diplo's stride to bring listeners what's amounted to a trove of new music. That includes the memorable country and electronic crossover album Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley Chapter 1: Snake Oil.

This week, Diplo revealed his first full ambient album titled MMXX (2020 in roman numerals). Much like his foray into country music, Diplo dives deep into unexpected territory while still striking gold. MMXX is music to meditate to, a free-flowing album characterized by omnipresent, soothing soundscapes and distinctly interjecting textures that chime in before being swept away as suddenly as they arrived. For an album with very little spoken word and even fewer tangible rhythms, the ethereal offering maintains a level of engagement that immerses listeners while still treating time as though it were no object.

The album's latter half is more collaboration-heavy, including a vocal feature from Rhye on the album's concluding track, which marks a befitting end following the album's winding sonic journey.

Diplo noted he has gravitated toward experimental ambient music more in recent times. "It’s been a huge stress reliever and meditative experience for me, hope it can be the same for you. Checking in with ourselves and taking care of our mental health is so important, now more than ever," he said of the experience.

Diplo's MMXX is out now in full after first arriving on the popular meditation app Calm exclusively last week.