Listen to MIRAMAR’s Sultry Nu-Disco Track With Chris James, “Verano”

California-based DJ and entrepreneur Aric Christopher, who produces smooth dance music as MIRAMAR, has reimagined nu-disco in a twist fans have been waiting for.

MIRAMAR upbringing is rooted in surf, skate and snow culture in various coastal California communities. While there are many layers to his entrepreneurial spirit, electronic music production has always remained a creative constant. His brand evokes his itinerant, hedonistic nature and calls to the self-indulgent pleasures of travel and adventure.

That's how he got his stage name, which is a direct translation of "to observe the ocean." MIRAMAR spends much of his time surfing in remote locations and drawing musical inspiration from these experiences.

MIRAMAR's unique sound lies at the intersection of nu-disco and melodic house, but it's always layered with deep disco undertones, organic percussion and bubbly basslines that maintain a constant energy. His career highlights include a performance at Outside Lands, Burning Man, and supporting RÜFÜS DU SOL, Thomas Jack, Viceroy and more.

Take a listen to MIRAMAR's new single, "Verano," below. 

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Listen to MIRAMAR's Sultry Nu-Disco Track With Chris James, "Verano"

"Verano" is a bubbly nu-disco track that harkens back to summer.

MIRAMAR doubles as an established entrepreneur and investor in international brands in food, hospitality, music, agriculture and more. A modern-day Renaissance man, his journey has been challenging. He says it troubled him to discover what it takes to navigate the music industry as a rising artist and hone in on his own signature sound.

"Whether it's work projects, relationships, or personal development, always continue to chip away, even in small amounts," MIRAMAR says. "Before you know it, your daily progress will grow into a vision over time, and you will certainly meet your goals."

With his current releases and those set confirmed for 2023, MIRAMAR is primed for a big year of indie-house anthems. He revealed that he hopes his commitment to production will carve out its own sub-genre that "inspires others to create similar music everyone can benefit from."