Listen to Radical Kai’s Heartfelt House Single, “Enough”

It can be easy to take certain aspects of your life for granted. Whether it's your home, job, a friend or even a loved one, as humans we can get a little too comfortable and overlook how fortunate we are. 

In his latest track, "Enough," budding DJ and dance music producer Radical Kai hopes to remind his listeners of the importance of expressing your affection to loved ones whenever you can. After all, you can never do it enough. 

The atmospheric house single starts off with an alluring soundscape and romantic lyricism. The touching tune pulls on the heartstrings as the chorus croons: "I never want to lose you, I don't say it enough." The drop hits with melodic vocal chops that explore the confusion of being in love after trying to end things—something many of us can relate to.

You can listen to "Enough" below and find the single on streaming platforms here.

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Radical Kai

Listen to Radical Kai's Heartfelt House Single, "Enough"

The touching tune speaks to the importance of expressing your affection to loved ones.

Radical Kai established a name for himself in 2020, delivering a boisterous debut remix of "Yummy" by Justin Bieber that has since received heavy support across the club circuit. By blending elements of EDM, R&B and adult contemporary music, Kai has a unique sound.

2022 marks another exciting chapter for Kai as he builds on the momentum of "Enough." Be sure to keep an eye out for his original tracks and his upcoming house and future bass remixes with Jbeatzz, Tony Yayo, B Howard and Dae Dot.