Listen to the new Gorillaz album ‘The Now Now’ in full

If it feels like some kind Gorillaz deja vu right now, it’s ok – we feel it to. The UK band have released a brand new album today titled The Now Now, and it comes just over a year from the release their last album Humanz.

The 11-track album is slim on the feature front – unlike last year’s project that boasted the likes Danny Brown, Vince Staples, De La Soul, Grace Jones and DRAM – despite a few big names in Snoop Dogg, Jamie Principle and George Benson making notable appearances throughout.

The album follows a swift yet sizeable roll-out from the band, who dropped tracks such as   ,  and s over the past month.

Listen to Gorillaz new album The Now Now in full below, and keep your ears open for Aussie tour details!