Listen to This Absurd Mashup of M83’s "Midnight City" and "The Simpsons" Character Nelson Muntz

We're willing to bet that a viral TikTok mashup of The Simpsons and M83 probably was not on your 2020 bingo card. But here we are.

TikTok creator Teo Domani, who describes himself as the "CEO of mashups," recently shared a mashup of M83's iconic synthwave single "Midnight City" and Nelson Muntz's famous laugh from The Simpsons. You know the one—the shrill  "ah-ha!" that the school bully cackles as he taunts others, including Bart. Domani's clever mashup has gone haywire on the popular video sharing platform, racking up over 4.5M views at the time of this article's publishing.

Other zany mashups on Domani's profile include amalgamations of Lil Baby's "Heatin' Up" with the Super Smash Bros. Brawl theme song and Valentino Khan's "Pump" with the Wii menu track.

Domani went on to produce a full track, hilariously titled "Nelson Travels to Midnight City," which you can listen to below.