Listen to Trivecta’s Uplifting Debut Album “The Way Back Up”

Returning to Ophelia Records, the label he's called home for the past three years, Trivecta has released his long-awaited 13-track debut album, The Way Back Up

The folk bass maestro has outdone himself on The Way Back Up, encapsulating the emotive sound that helped bring him to prominence while also showcasing his ability to effortlessly flow between genres. The first two tracks, "Sail Away" with Jay Mason and "Open Road" with Rico & Miella, capture that essence perfectly. The former encapsulates Trivecta's signature sound perfectly while the latter gives listeners a glimpse into the diversity that's to come. 

Another shining moment where his distinct sound comes to life is on "Memory Away" with fakelife and "Half A World Away" with Sarah de Warren. Both allow the vocalist to lead while later taking control with soaring synths and overpowering percussion. It's a formula that Trivecta has mastered, proving why he's become a favorite amongst Ophelia's fans over the years.

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Listen to Trivecta's Uplifting Debut Album "The Way Back Up"

Trivecta effortlessly flows between genres while simultaneously keeping everything cohesive on his debut LP.

The diversity comes in many forms on The Way Back Up. "Horizon Lines" is an unsuspecting drum and bass smash that features melodic moments while still providing proper rumbling goodness. "The Gallows" with Fagin might be the most surprising song of all, however, as Trivecta cooked up a pounding techno track to break things up near the end of the LP. 

Overall, The Way Back Up feels like a long time coming for Trivecta as his ability to put together a cohesive project has been apparent through the themes and sounds found in each of his previous releases over the past eight years.

Listen to The Way Back Up on streaming platforms here.