Listen to Whyte Fang’s Hypnotic Single, “Girl”

Alison Wonderland descends further into the unknown with the spellbinding "Girl," the third single to release since she revived her Whyte Fang alias.

Wonderland's experimental side project continues to cover new ground in the realm of bass music. Her latest track is equally curious as her prior singles, as hypnotic vocal chants serve as the connective adhesive of this minimal trap banger.

Much like the preceding "333," Wonderland manipulates her vocals to create hypnotic loops, each drenched in an unpredictable concoction of delay and reverb, adding a tangibly psychedelic flare to the mix.

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whyte fang

Listen to Whyte Fang's Hypnotic Single, "Girl"

Alison Wonderland continues to let her most experimental ideas flow as the saga of Whyte Fang unfolds.

With three Whyte Fang tracks out now in the open as well as a sold out debut live show in Los Angeles under her belt, it's clear Whyte Fang will occupy a lane in the world of bass music that is equally distinct and no less groundbreaking than the artist's work under her primary alias.

Aside from the recent inflow of Whyte Fang tracks, Wonderland recently returned with a persevering new single, "Down The Line," her first since 2022's scintillating Loner album.