Lux Beauregard Debuts With Unusually Beautiful Pop Single “Fireworks”

Owensboro, KY-native singer songwriter Lux Beauregard debuts her journey in the realm of music with the unusually beautiful single, “Fireworks.” As the pandemic hit the world hard in 2020, Lux wanted to record a song that would engage a higher purpose; the coexistence of beauty and tragedy. Her hypnotic single depicts her life, trapped between two radical opposites. Incredibly relatable since most of us also experienced positive experiences alongside the difficulties we faced during 2020, Lux has tackled an interesting, unorthodox topic while most of the world is focusing on the negative and destructive consequences triggered by the pandemic. 

Lux has synesthesia and is a big fan of Renaissance and Rococo paintings, a passion that helps her and forms an integral part of her creative process.  In all aspects magnificent and exciting, “Fireworks” is a powerful debut that paves the way for a massive recognition by fans of the genre, and beyond, to all listeners who just love beautiful music.