Mad Zach Releases Debut MethLab Recordings, 'No Past Lives' EP

Mad Zach’s sound has has always been a little… out there. Not in a weird way, but in a cosmic sort , “Look out in the distance, and wonder at the infinite space and possibilities” kind way. If you’ve gotten this far and are wondering what the f*ck I’m babbling about, it’s because I just listened to Zach’s new No Past Lives EP.

The new 4-track EP out yesterday on MethLab Recordings is not for the faint heart — there are no bright and beautiful melodies or lush synth structures to latch onto. It’s a dark and foreboding look into the vast emptiness time and space with loops and pads that make you question what you’re even doing here.

You’ll have to listen to it yourself for anything more. Check it out below.