Major DJ Faces 2.4 Million Fine For Ibiza Show, Plays Anyway

Marco Carola faced a €2.4 million fine for playing his most recent gig at an Ibiza club. And he did it anyway.

The DJ was prohibited from playing any club or venue outside if Amnesia, as ruled by a judge earlier this month. However, he took the risk getting slapped with a huge fine in order to kick a new Music On residency at Pacha Ibiza.

Just yesterday, a second lawsuit was filed against Carola by It’s All About The Music SL, his former promoter. According to a report, the company is also seeking millions in damages.

The photo below serves as pro that despite all these legal implications, Carola is moving forward, business as usual. He just confirmed to play Blue Marlin as part the Music On run.

Marco Carola @ Pacha Ibiza


Source: Resident Advisor