MAKESHFT Drops Dominant Sophomore EP, “The Machine”

MAKESHFT has delivered his sophomore EP The Machine, a heavy-hitting four-tracker released via Cyberwave Records.

The titular track in the roaring new EP, "THE MACHINE," was released as a single ahead of time to offer fans a glimpse of what's to come. It kicks off with a fierce synthwave-inspired introduction, which consists of nostalgic action movie samples and eventually leads to a menacing midtempo drop.

From there, "RAZORLINE" keeps the momentum alive and progresses the storyline further with its own screeching sonics. This track boasts more of a dubstep feel than its proceeder, building to "LOST," which offers a moment of melodic relief with vocoded vox and smooth synths before the final tune. "FIRE" is a sweltering dubstep banger with a barrage of bass and punchy snares, creatively infused with 80s elements. 

Listen to The Machine in full below.

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Since breaking into the scene in 2019 with his "Self Aware" single, MAKESHFT has been experimenting with cyborg-inspired sounds and film samples to cultivate his own sound, comparable to the likes of REZZ. As a genre-bending producer, he has worked to establish a unique hybrid brand that he called "Cyberwave."

"For my sophomore EP I wanted to have a fresh take on Cyberwave, but follow it up with how I have evolved as an artist," MAKESHFT said in a statement. "Sampling quotes from action movies from the 80s and atmospheric 'robot movements' in your ears allowed me to set the theme throughout this EP. Buckle up because where I am taking you there's no way out."

Find The Machine on your preferred streaming platform here.