Marcel Dettmann Drops Mesmerizing Techno Remix for “The Matrix Resurrections” Soundtrack: Listen

Keen viewers of The Matrix Resurrections may be able to identify Marcel Dettmann's influence in the upcoming film due out on December 22nd. 

A stalwart of the Berlin techno scene, Dettmann recently found himself in a film scoring role as the movie's lead composers, Johnny Klimek and Tom Tykwer, consulted him for expertise. The iconic techno producer led the scoring effort on at least one particular scene and additionally contributed a remix of "My Dream Ended Here" to the forthcoming soundtrack.

In prior comments, Tykwer suggested the goal of the hotly anticipated soundtrack is to honor the 90's film series' legacy. As one of the first franchises to incorporate a score at the intersection of orchestral music and brooding techno, the film's approach to world-building through music was innovative for the times. 

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Marcel Dettmann Drops Mesmerizing Techno Remix for "The Matrix Resurrections" Soundtrack: Listen

The iconic techno producer lent his expertise to the overall film scoring for "The Matrix Resurrections" and led the effort on at least one scene in the film.

Dettmann's remix stylistically aligns with Tykwer's characterization of the film's broader musical themes. With his take on "My Dream Ended Here," Dettmann incorporates spacey, atmospheric textures and percolating synths in the minimal melodic techno track. 

"There weren't any guidelines for the direction, so I somehow pumped it up, elevated it to a club music tableau and reimagined it in a bit more club-friendly context, Dettmann told Resident Advisor. "Overall it's very much pads-led, soulful-sounding, maybe almost sacral. The film and its story are the inspiration in this case. The message of The Matrix was always that, despite all misery and subjection, there's always hope for humankind. I think my remix is in line with this message."

The full soundtrack for The Matrix Resurrections is available now. Take a listen below.