Mersiv Delivers Dazzling Remix of Supertask and Saint Sinner’s "Get To You"

As a New Year's treat for fans, surging bass artist Mersiv has capped off an abundant year with his latest creation, a remix of Saint Sinner and Supertask’s 2018 hit, “Get To You.” Dropping his 14th track of 2020, Mersiv closes the door on a turbulent year for the music industry by offering vibrance through sound.

For his remix, Mersiv transcends the sultry original by adding his own dynamic flair. The song opens with the same evocative melody, accented by fuller, energized bass lines that slowly build. Whereas the original drops in at the 30-second mark with a thunderous vibration of 808s, this edit flushes out the emotion of the song for a full 1:36. Here, audiences are drubbed with a seismic array of synths, which combine with haunting melodies for a compelling experience in sound.

The original “Get To You” was released back in June 2018. Since its release, it has amassed 1.2 million-plus streams on Spotify while leaving an impression on both the bass and lo-fi communities. Mersiv first teased his edit on Boogie T's tour in 2018 and prominently featured it on his Shambhala Mix Series. Mersiv and Supertask also toured together in 2018 on the "Beautiful & Filthy" tour.

The Mersiv Sound Project is the brainchild of Anderson Benoit Gallegos, known for his unique “pretty-dark-loud” style of bass music. Despite the pandemic cancelling scheduled performances at Electric Forest, Ubbi Dubbi and Lightning in a Bottle, Mersiv maintained a strong presence throughout 2020.

Watch the official music video below.