Mersiv Gets Dark In the Jungle With Killa Nova In New Single, “Forest Creature”

Following his recent What You Want EP, Mersiv has released the new single and accompanying music video “Forest Creature” off his forthcoming debut album, Pretty Dark Loud.

The record's second single and only official collaboration (with Colorado-based artist Killa Nova), “Forest Creature” explores Mersiv’s dark style and welcomes listeners into a jungle of sound. Fractal bass tunnels accent bouncy percussion to create an imagined distance, showcasing the producer’s ability to craft intricate soundscapes

Mersiv takes the track further with an accompanying animated music video, illustrating an eerie, swampy landscape lit up by rhythmic tree branches.

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Mersiv is set to release Pretty Dark Loud this fall as his full interpretation and defining moment for the Mersiv Sound Project.

“Once I had my vision locked, I created for years trying to find my own sound that would express my story in an honest way," Mersiv said. "The two-year journey of creating this record has been a healing process for me. On really tough days when I think about her, I immediately lock myself away in the studio to express myself. PDL is a collection of these moments and efforts in time."

Listen to “Forest Creature” below.